Robert Reich Knows Best

By September 19, 2012Robert Reich Videos

“We must not allow the regressives to pull us backward,” implores Robert Reich in another great video entitled “Progressives vs. Regressives.” Listen and learn from this inspirational leader, a former Secretary of Labor under Pres. Clinton who is currently Professor of Public Policy at University of California at Berkeley.

In no uncertain terms, he describes exactly how the regressive force driven by the Republicans is trying to take our country back to the 19th century – and how the progressive forces (that would be us!) can stop them. First, Reich explains their four-part plan to:

  1. Make the wealthy wealthier with tax cuts for them and cuts to vital programs and safety nets for us.
  2. Turn Americans against each other so they fight for a shrinking slice of the pie.
  3. Deflect attention from predatory corporate greed by focusing on private morality instead of public morality.
  4. Flood campaigns and government with so much money from millionaires, billionaires, and Wall Street that they can drown out the voice of individuals.

He explains how, in the last century, we have won many landmark battles that have made our country great. Programs like Social Security and Medicare, which the Republicans have tried to destroy since they began. Worker safety. Environmental protections. Voting rights.

Watch this video and then learn how you can help get out the vote. How you can be sure you’re registered. How you can help others get registered and any needed voter IDs.

Let’s keep our country moving forward.
Let’s get out DEM votes!