Candidates & Causes

Whether working on a campaign for a candidate or a cause, it’s all about inspiring diverse people to vote. Sounds pretty simple until all the various things that must happen – all the things you need to make sure get done – are laid out end-to-end. (Just for kicks, imagine an 18-year-old who “does not care about politics” providing the comments in parentheses.)

You must:

  • Inspire people to get registered. (Wait – what does that take? What do I need to bring? Nothing? Oh.)
  • Encourage them to take an interest in the election, candidates, initiatives, platforms, etc. (The list goes on?)
  • Explain how to learn about the issues, make a plan, identify proper polling stations. (What’s a polling station?)
  • Ask them to help get out the vote by phone banking, canvassing, and/or registering others. (When will it end?!)

Get Out DEM Votes shares your goal of capturing people’s attention – and compelling them to make their votes count. All while struggling to maximize our effectiveness and stretch our budgets.

Our promotional products and writing/speaker coaching services are all aimed at increasing the impact of your team’s efforts. Imagine our #1 slogan – Get Out DEM Votes – paired with the name of state, county, other locale, or group being shouted at rallies, on the chest, back, and rear (bumpers!) of your supporters.

Get Out DEM Votes, North Carolina!

Fend Off Fracking – Get Out DEM Votes!

We want to know how we can help you achieve your goals. Call 919-588-3121 or fill out this form. Maybe you will want to buy low (in bulk) and sell high (fundraiser anyone?) or give them away to supporters willing to become walking, talking, vote-stalking billboards.

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