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Top 10 Reasons to Get Out The Vote

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  1. On the day he was inaugurated, President Obama vowed to do his best to improve the economy – and the lives of all Americans. That same day, a group of highly placed Republicans vowed to stop him at every possible turn.
  2. The last Republican Administration started two wars that will have cost the lives of over 10,000 brave men and women in uniform and over $4 trillion dollars when you include the cost of caring for the wounded veterans. Estimates of total deaths – U.S., coalition, and civilians – range between 100,000 and one million. Now they want to invade Iran. Read More

Make Sure Every Voter Votes

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Want to be sure that you and everyone you know has:

  • Successfully registered to vote?
  • Learned about and obtained all the proper voter IDs required by their state?
  • Found out exactly when and where to vote?
  • Made a plan for getting to the polls and helping others who need rides? Read More

Why They’re Democrats

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When I asked my parents why they were Democrats, this is what they said:

“It starts with the answer to ‘What kind of society do we want?’ We believe it’s a moral imperative to help others. To ensure there’s an attitude of fairness. We always looked for candidates who spoke up for policies that would ensure the well-being, health, and job opportunities for the most people. And those candidates were almost always Democrats or progressive Independents.” Read More