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The Best Speech Ever?

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I remember being captivated by this woman I had never heard of. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards delivered the keynote address at the 1988 Democratic National Convention and forever became my role model for speaking perfection. This is the entire 34-minute address. And here’s a clip that’s just under five minutes. No surprise that her daughter, Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, is also a stellar speaker.

Paul Krugman: Economist Extraordinaire

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World-renowned economist Paul Krugman provides clear explanations for why those policies favored by Democrats can heal our economy. And why those forced upon us by the Republicans – many under Reagan – continue to keep our economy sluggish. I learned a lot about our country’s economic history when I read his book The Conscience of a Liberal and recommend it highly. To read his writing, hear him speaking, or watch a video – all of which point to why voting for Democrats is so critical to our success as a nation and as individuals – here’s a link to Krugman’s website.

When Honesty Isn’t Everybody’s Policy

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The fact is, elections can be stolen in any number of ways – or all of them combined.

What can you do to keep the election results in your area as “honest” as possible?

Read Dan Froomkin’s clear, concise, and compelling article – Will Your Vote Be Counted? Ask Election Officials These 4 Questions – and then do what you can to ensure as many eligible voters get their votes counted.

Because the votes they “forget to count” could include your own…



Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) Made Me Cry

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In his deeply touching speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Congressman John Lewis – a veteran of the civil rights movement – inspires us to all exercise our right to vote. Reminding us that too many people fought and died for this “almost sacred right,” he implores us all to “march to the polls like never, ever before.” Get your hankies ready and then watch the video.

Robert Reich Knows Best

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“We must not allow the regressives to pull us backward,” implores Robert Reich in another great video entitled “Progressives vs. Regressives.” Listen and learn from this inspirational leader, a former Secretary of Labor under Pres. Clinton who is currently Professor of Public Policy at University of California at Berkeley. Read More

Imagine the Future

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“Imagine” is more than just one of the greatest songs by one of the greatest artists of all time – doing it can even make you momentarily forget all the death, destruction, and debt ceiling debacles caused by Republicans just since 2000. (Oops. Moment’s gone. They don’t seem to care that Iraq cost hundreds of thousands of human lives. My bad.)

Imagine, if you will, what life could’ve, would’ve, and should’ve been like if the 2000 election had not been stolen. Imagine if we had never invaded Iraq. Imagine if those people were still alive. But, alas, not only are they dead – now the Republicans are calling for us to invade Iran.

And if that doesn’t send you running screaming to the polls to vote for Dems in every single race up and down the ticket, nothing will. Well, maybe the rest of this blog post will help… Read More

Global Climate Change & Your Health: 10 Facts

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In this insightful article by the World Health Organization (WHO) – and not by either major US political party – you can see for yourself why it’s so critical we have environmental regulations. They estimate that, globally, 150,000 people die PER YEAR due to climate change. Higher sea levels lead to flooding; warmer seas lead to increased – and increasingly deadly – storms; heat waves kill people and droughts kill crops and resulting fires kill both. While the Republican Party try to keep burying their heads — and everyone else’s for that matter — in the sand,  Democrats are working hard to pass legislation that will: keep or improve appropriate regulations; pursue alternative, sustainable energy sources; and address the facts of climate change head-on. Read more here.