“Get Out DEM Votes” is more than just a pretty phrase – it’s “a round-up from the ground-up” and we need your help! 

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Our mission?

Get Out DEM Votes exists to turn the tide against the conservative movement by inspiring many, many, many more eligible people to get registered, to the polls, and involved in get out the vote efforts.

If you are like us, you want to live in a society where we all have equal rights, where we recognize that providing food, shelter, and educational opportunities to those in need benefits all of us. And, if you also want to live among people who value truth over fiction, sharing over stealing, and peace over war, we hope you’ll join our growing movement.

Start by checking to see that you’re properly registered and know where your polling station is – many, many, many districts have changed – and help others do the same. Where ID is necessary, the name on it must match your voter registration exactly. (A judge in Texas couldn’t even cast a vote in her own courthouse because of something to do with her maiden name.)

Are you aligned with a campaign or a cause?

We hope you will let Get Out DEM Votes craft memorable messages and more and put them on stickers, buttons, t-shirts, and the side of busses everywhere! Imagine creating a wave of walking and driving billboards that are clever and funny on purpose for a purpose.

Contact us at 347.433.6412 or via this form for more info on:

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