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Whether you’re an individual voter or working with a candidate or cause, you will definitely enjoy proclaiming:

GODV - current color of bumper sticker copy

And if you want to see potential increases in (DEM) voter turnout become historical increases in (DEM) voter turnout, then stick around to find out how Get Out DEM Votes can help you every step of your get out the vote way.

A big part of our mission is to wake up – and harness the super-charged strength of – the sleeping giant that is our as-of-yet unmotivated masses. (Yes, we could’ve just said “young adults,” but we’re not in dullsville anymore.) Want proof? Look at our latest, which can work anywhere, but works REALLY well in the pivotal Wake County, North Carolina.


We know, like many of you, that achieving this will take hard work (and good weather). So we decided to make your work more fun (and funnier!). Much, much, much more fun (and funnier!). For you, for your constituents, and for the millions across the country and around the world who will benefit when “our team” wins more races. (Many, many, many more races.)

We’ll be laughing all the way to the ballot box!

Whether we’re being serious, funny, or seriously funny, Get Out DEM Votes has many heartfelt missions, such as:

  • Motivating millions of unregistered to register and the registered to double-check theirs.
  • Inspiring the registered and their friends/family to volunteer with get out the vote efforts.
  • Teaching the undecided how to decide which candidates and causes best represent them.
  • Generating a wave of economic stimulation by creating millions of moving billboards.

In addition to the promotional items, such as our first bumper sticker (which you’ve no doubt committed to memory by now), Get Out DEM Votes offers a range of business consulting, writing, and speaker coaching services. And, make no mistake, while we’re driven to be clever and/or funny on purpose for a purpose, we’re also skilled at communicating serious messages in clear, compelling, and (usually more) concise copy.

“We break from our usual programming for readers (that’s you!) to join us in a chorus of ‘Get Out DEM Votes! Because being right has never been so wrong!’ Again, louder, with feeling! And, if you like how it makes you feel – and want to hear more of our twisted word combos – please join our movement by giving us your email.”

For those of you who haven’t actually said it out loud yet, it’s time to admit you want to say our great slogan. You need to say our slogan. Still nothing?! Well…the trick’s on you – because every time you read it, it was actually a hearing experience – because when you read, you are already voicing the text.

That’s why we want you to put this and other DEM slogans on your chest, back, or rear (bumper). Get as many eyeballs on our walking and driving billboards as possible. Think of the millions who will see – and hear – our cleverly worded commands.

There will always be campaign materials with the candidates’ names – they aren’t going anywhere – but this slogan unites “DEM,” giving it the strength to win back and protect our rights. Or else. (Gulp.) So, please – follow the steps we put on the paper back of the sticker:

To send messages that’ll motivate

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